Dear Parents/ Participants,

Thank You for Registering to StarKalakaar 2019. This will be a tremendous year for all participants  from USA, India & rest of the countries. 
Finals will be in Dallas. More details will be updated to website. Please Keep checking
Please include the following details to your introduction Videos.
>> Greeting (Example : Hi, Hello ).
>> Your Introduction with Registration number and your Full Name ( Example: My registration no. is SK2018323).
>> Your passion.
>> Name of the Guru.
>> Performance Category
>> Performance Age Group
>> Past achievement (if any).
>> Who inspired (if any).
>> Your favorite dancer/singer.
>> How do you feel about participating in Start Kalakaar.
>> Express your hope on winning Star Kalakaar title.
Please ignore this mail if already Sent.
Please find the samples of 1 minute videos. You can also add a 30 sec performance if you wish to.
Very Important - Save the file name with Registration_NO+FirstName+Lastname
Please hold your phone/ camera vertically to send your introduction Videos.
**Participants whose Introduction Videos are not received will loose 5 points from their overall points.
Once you have created the video, please goto & upload the video. Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Star Kalakaar Team
4695834261 / 4694005624